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Sensory motor development. ( Co-Ordination, sensorial skills)
Language development. (Speech and Communication skills)
Social Skills. (Home training, handwork activities, Flower making, gardening etc.
Psycho Skills (pencil control, reading readiness, number readiness number concept perpetual training, general knowledge etc.)
Sports and games ( Running race, Relay, Long jump, Shot put, Shuttle badminton, Football, Cycling etc.)
Job oriented skills (candle making, Coir mat making, Cycle repairing, Book binding, Agriculture, Envelope making, Chalk making, Greeting cards making, Handling of Xerox machine.)

Special programmes will be organized on occasions like Onam, Christmas, Ramzan, School annual day
Including Arts and Sports,
special Olympics, zone meeting etc. will be conducted on various occasions. The Franciscan sisters of Vimala Hridaya are doing many spiritual and charitable works for the development of these children. We are trying to help out the orphans, the aged, poor girls by giving them some jobs, sending poor students to various schools, helps the widows and the orphans by caring and protecting them.

Children are classified in 5 groups on the basis of their age. They are:-
Pre-primary (Age between 5-7
Primary ( ,, ,, 8-12)
Secondary ( ,, ,, 13-18)
Pre-vocational (,, ,, 19-25)
Vocational (25 and above)

Each class is handled by a group of qualified teachers having (DSE(MR)) Diploma in Special Education in Mental Retardation. Besides the services of the outstanding specialists in therapy, psychology, psychiatry, social work, art, sports etc. are also achievable to the institution by special arrangement.

The administration of the school will rests with the duly appointed Principal who shall be responsible for the general and academic administration of the school. Our school gets a timely support from the PTA.

The academic year consists of three term.

1st term : June to 3rd week of September
2nd term : October to 3rd week of December
3rd term : January to 3rd week of March

The management is catering to the needs and education of 27 students ,of course, everything is free. We provide them with uniform, books, study materials and we also give fees concession.


Basic School Rules to Follow

  • The working hours of the school are from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm.
  • Saturday, Sundays and all Govt. holidays are observed as holidays.
  • Children are to be neatly dressed in their school uniforms.
  • Regular interaction with the Principal by the parents/guardian a must.
  • The admission age level for the students is between 5 & 18.

    Where Special Means Extraordinary

    We're the only school in Kollam that exclusively serves children with special needs.

    Our adapted vhss curriculum presents traditional scholastic subjects, both academically and experientially, stimulating young minds and nurturing healthy emotional development.

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    It has found that many children are diagnosed late in life for their developmental problems due to these corrective majors are unsuccessful. We have realised that early intervention in these children's life can make a major difference. Mental retardation is a global programme today. The most neglected group in society today is the disabled. They are the ones who could not seek for their own rights. We are trying to help this young generation to get their fundamental rights.

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  • Extracurricular Activities 5
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